About Us

We are a young married couple, who love the adventure of any kind. From meeting new people and exploring their culture to climbing the highest mountains. We enjoy visiting beautiful places as much as breathing.

Banská Bystrica is one of the places we fell in love with due to an outstanding beauty of the city and its surroundings. A year ago we decided to settle down here.
During our travels, two other places became attached to our hearts, became our second homes. Bigugu, a small mountain village in Rwanda and New Zealand. In Bigugu we spent half of the year working in medical care. After that we wanted to take a break and clean our minds, so we decided to walk the Te Araroa trail in New Zealand. After 1800 kilometres in our feet through this wonderland, we have changed the way we see our future.

A major twist in the perception of our future happened in Iran – Persia. We were fascinated by the hospitality, honesty and helpfulness of the local people. The sincere interest in other people’s lives and needs have left a big mark in our hearts. We started to think what we can bring to our hometown, how we can serve our community and make good use of our experience.
Our thoughts naturally headed towards the thing missing in Banská Bystrica town, a HOSTEL. Place, where travellers/backpackers can meet and share their experience, their joy of hidden places in nature around.
With help of family and friends, we finally made it, and we are very happy to welcome all of you here!
We are eager to show the beauty of our country and the mountains surrounding Banská Bystrica to the people stopping by.
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