Zero Waste & Gran Hostel

Why Zero Waste? 9 mil. of tons is the amount of waste produced in Slovakia in 2014. 1.8 mil. tons of it was the amount of municipal waste what constitutes 747 lbs per person for a year. Unfortunately, this number is rising.

Do you already have goosebumps from this info? We do, for sure!

Therefore, under the professional supervision of Danka Gažúrová, a student of The Socrates Institute, we decided to support decrease of the production of waste. The philosophy of Zero Waste may be summed up in 5 Rs.

This is the most important ste. Just say “NO” to stuff you don’t really need.

Here belongs the stuff we need and we can’t refuse in the first step. However we definitely don’t need them in such amount we already possesed.

The goal here, is to avoid disposables. They are everywhere – plastic bags, disposable razors, tissues and many more.

And yes, there is always an alternative.

After you have refused, reduced, and reused there shouldn’t be much left to recycle. Still, make sure to separate your trash so that those resources can be reused instead of filling our landfills.

Compost what’s left. Set up a vermicoposting system.

Our effort is to make all the particular things found in our hostel easier to recycle thus they are made primarily from natural materials which may be reused. And how did we start? We learned about what the Zero Waste is and how can we easily apply it into our daily lives. This is possible through 10 very simple steps about which you may receive further information on the official website .

In our hostel, we try not to buy or offer anything that is being bought in PET bottles, packed or anything that we (unfortunately) usually wrap in grocery sacks. We also try to avoid plastic bags. We substituted these products with glass jars and bottles, wooden boxes or cotton bags. Would you like to wash your dishes with a soap on draught and luffa? Or have a nice package-free breakfast from local suppliers of cereals, jams, bread or dairy products?